Hello My name is Crystal Wehrs founder of Crystal's Confectionery Creations. I would first like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to my site and having an interest in my business and me. I first came to realize I wanted to become a Chef in my mid teens. There were many things I had thought I wanted to become like hairstylist, architect, teacher, but it wasn't until my mom suggested I become a Chef that I realized life had been pointed me down this path all along. I mean what 8 year old races home to watch cooking shows? I attended Foods Class while in High School and while there participated in The Canadian Skills Competition for baking. My teacher suggested it to me because she knew I wanted to become a Chef and she could not find a person willing to go into the baking category as it can be rather intense. I reluctantly accepted as someone else had already taken the spot to go for Culinary Arts. I had to admit I didn't really want anything to do with baking at first, kneading all that dough by hand was rather unpleasant but that was when I was first introduced to chocolate. Making chocolate roses was delicate work and time consuming but I took great satisfaction by the end when I could make them even better then my teacher. Anyways it was grueling work and took a lot of multitasking and organization but taught me so much. I actually ended up going again the following year. Then I headed towards my main goal of attending the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Culinary Arts. The instructors there had over 30 years of experience in the field and taught us so much more about what to expect then if they were only in the classroom all that time. It helped in so many ways, It was also when I really got to dig into gourmet chocolate making and the art of fine desserts. It become something I could see myself doing all my life. I proudly graduated in 2008. While attending school I worked at Ramada and Best Western. After graduating I worked at LaRonde The Rotating Roof Top Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta which had a great staff to work with and telling people I worked at a Rotating Restaurant How Fun Is That. Then I married my husband, Tyler Wehrs, and moved down to Norfolk, NE. I started working at J's Steakhouse and then had my beautifully baby girl Violet. I saw that Norfolk seemed to be lacking in a place committed to serving all kinds of pastry goods and I do so much love watching peoples faces light up when getting their favorite sweets. I look forward to seeing hundreds of faces light up and hope you will be one too. Thank you again for reading this long passage of my culinary journey and hope you too get to go to work everyday doing something you truly love.